We'd like you to meet the artists behind what you see on our shop! This non-exhaustive list will be updated as our slimy collection builds, so watch this space.
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Photo: Kursa

You might be familiar with FYONAFINN's work, for she is the mastermind behind the branding and art direction of SLUG WIFE! Fiona enjoys constant exploration and experimentation with digital and physical tools to create artwork in mixed media formats for a multitude of outlets. Her attention to detail and obsession with tactile goods come through quite prominently in her work. If you don't already know, she is also one of our discerning resident DJs, FFINN :)

Fiona loves a large cup of grapefruit bubble tea with coconut jelly, and her creative heroes include Hayao Miyazaki, Neil Gaiman, and her friends.

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Photo: Logical Pocket

The powerful graphic design engine that is Machine™ has been serving up his unique style of cyber-inspired rainbow-gothic pop art since inception in 2015. Serving clients such as EXE Project, Ad Noiseam, Ohm Resistance, and more recently here with Slug Wife.

Focusing predominantly on record sleeves, music event posters, artist merch and various digital promotional material, his work has become synonymous with the world of underground electronic music. Borrowing heavily from street art, 1970s poster collage, 90s Skateboard graphics and a healthy dose of Manga and anime.

Machine™ loves Club-mate to go up, and a nice Belgium Trappist to go down. His creative heroes include Tsutomu Nihei and Ian Anderson (TDR), and is as comfortable with an evening listening to old Black Sabbath records as he is in front of a function one sound system playing utter filth as Gore Tech

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